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One-day sale – get 50 percent off Tsar to Lenin DVD

18 December 2012

Mehring Books is pleased to announce a special one-day sale of the Tsar to Lenin DVD. Produced by Herman Axelbank and narrated by Max Eastman, this documentary is the definitive film record of the 1917 Russian Revolution. For December 18 only you can buy the Tsar to Lenin DVD at Mehring online for a savings of 50 percent. Take advantage of this offer to buy extra copies of this unique video for the holidays.

While you are shopping, pay attention to the savings available with the Mehring Books holiday sale. Most titles in our inventory are marked down, some by as much as 50 percent. This is a great opportunity to build your Marxist library or introduce family and friends to the history, theory and politics of the socialist movement.

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