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Holiday savings from Mehring Books

23 November 2012

Mehring Books is pleased to announce its 2012 holiday sale, offering steep discounts on sale bundles and individual titles. This is an ideal opportunity to build your Marxist library and introduce friends and family to the history, theory and politics of the socialist movement.

Most books and sale bundles are marked down from 10 to 50 percent. The Tsar to Lenin DVD is now just $12.95, with continued free US shipping and discounted international shipping rates. Be sure to get your copy today of this unique and extraordinary film documentary and buy extra copies for friends and family for the holidays.

Sale items include:


In Defense of Leon Trotsky (now $12.95)

The Suppression of Philosophy in the USSR (now $17.95)

The Revolution Betrayed (now $9.95)

The Spanish Revolution (now $9.95)

My Life (now $17.06)

Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution (now $21.60)

Platform of the Joint Opposition (now $5.95)

The Crisis of American Democracy (now $9.95)

Art and Culture

Art as the Cognition of Life (now $19.95)

Problems of Everyday Life ( $25.20)

Literature and Revolution (now $14.40)

The Russian Revolution

History of the Russian Revolution (now $32.40)

The Bolsheviks Come to Power (now $16.20)

The Bolsheviks in Power (now $25.20)

Works by Vadim Rogovin

1937: Stalin’s Year of Terror (now $19.95)

Stalin’s Terror of 1937-38 (now $19.95)

Sale Bundles

Socialist Starter Bundle (now $15.00)

Marxist Economics Bundle (now $11.70)

The Split with the WRP Bundle (now $13.50)

Socialist Equality Party Bundle (now $22.50)

Security and the Fourth International Bundle (now $22.50)

Stalin’s Terror Bundle (now $29.95)

And much more. Visit mehring.com for full catalogue.