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In Defense of Leon Trotsky published in Greek

9 October 2012

The World Socialist Web Site is proud to publish for the first time in the Greek language, In Defense of Leon Trotsky by David North.

Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) ranks among the greatest and most controversial figures in the political history of the 20th century. During his lifetime, he was the target of a vicious campaign of lies and accusations by the Stalinist regime in the Soviet Union, which culminated in the assassination of the exiled revolutionary leader.

Seventy years after Trotsky’s murder, long-discredited Stalinist distortions and falsifications of the historical record are finding their way into mainstream academic literature. In this penetrating analysis and comprehensive refutation of three recently-published biographies of Leon Trotsky by well-known British historians—Professors Robert Service, Ian Thatcher and Geoffrey Swain—David North raises troubling questions about the state of contemporary historical scholarship.

Thanks to Chris and John Rigas for the translation.