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Survey shows Australian teachers oppose NAPLAN testing

By Oliver Campbell, December 7, 2012

Ranking schools by NAPLAN literacy and numeracy test results is part of the Labor government’s regressive education agenda.

Australia: Victorian teachers’ union abandons wage claim

By Susan Allan, November 29, 2012

Even though the AEU has dropped its demand for a 30 percent wage rise, the state government is insisting on further major concessions.

Australia: Students and staff protest University of Western Sydney cuts

By Mark Church, November 22, 2012

The sweeping cuts follow similar moves at other universities across the country, flowing from the Gillard government’s “education revolution.”

Australia: TAFE teachers strike over job losses, assets sell off

By Chris Sadlier, September 21, 2012

Yesterday’s walkout was in response to new details on $300 million TAFE spending cuts.

Victorian TAFE teachers speak on cuts to funding

By our reporters, September 21, 2012

Workers expressed their hostility to the TAFE cuts and to both major political parties, Labor and Liberal.

Victorian teachers’ union blocks fight against Labor’s assault on public education

By our reporters, September 6, 2012

At a mass rally of 15,000 striking teachers, union officials prevented discussion on how to fight the Gillard government-led attack on public education.

Parti Quebecois to form minority government, after narrow election win

By Keith Jones, September 6, 2012

The Parti Québécois has won enough seats to form a minority government, ending nine years’ of Liberal rule.

Striking teachers and support staff speak out

By our reporters, September 6, 2012

Education support workers and teachers in the Australian state of Victoria voice their anger over working conditions.

Socialist Equality Party (Australia) resolution to AEU mass meeting

September 6, 2012

1. This meeting rejects the 2.5 percent public sector wage ceiling, performance pay, increased teaching hours and all productivity trade-offs. We demand smaller class sizes and permanency for all teachers, including for young teachers and Educational Support staff currently on contracts.

Australian government imposes new “performance” regime on public schools

By Patrick O’Connor, September 4, 2012

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s speech yesterday marks a major step in the further undermining of public education.

Australia: TAFE staff and students rally against funding cuts

By our reporter, August 17, 2012

About 2,000 technical college teachers and students marched through Melbourne yesterday.

Australia: Teachers face political struggle to fight Victorian TAFE cuts

By Margaret Rees, August 15, 2012

The unions are intent on diverting the anger over these devastating cuts into the dead end of a campaign for the return of a Labor state government.