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The Libor swindle

By Andre Damon, December 22, 2012

Not only has the Libor swindle exposed the criminality of the banks, it has laid bare the nexus of corruption and complicity involving governments and financial regulators the world over.

Sweetheart settlement for HSBC bank on drug money laundering charges

By Barry Grey, December 13, 2012

The financial mafia that bestrides the American economy and controls the political system is, in practice, above the law.

After winning FDI vote, Indian government vows to push ahead with pro-investor measures

By Deepal Jayasekera, December 13, 2012

Last week’s debate and vote on opening India to Walmart and other giant retailers has underscored the support of all sections of India’s political establishment for big business’ economic agenda.

The extortionate operations of NML Capital

By Ernst Wolff, December 11, 2012

A New York court ordered Argentina to settle debts totalling $1.33 billion with hedge fund NML Capital by December 15.

Inter-European conflicts torpedo plans for banking union

By Stefan Steinberg, December 10, 2012

Discussions between European Union finance ministers on the formation of a banking union for the euro zone broke down last Tuesday.

Citigroup to cut 11,000 jobs

By James Brewer, December 6, 2012

Citigroup’s announcement of global layoffs, the first step in the restructuring plan of its new CEO, was met with enthusiasm by investors.

OECD warns of lower growth, increased unemployment

By Bryan Dyne, November 29, 2012

In its most recent report, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development revised its forecast for the world economy, sharply cutting projections and warning of the possibility of a “deep recession and deflation.”

Judge orders dismissal of Toronto's right-wing populist mayor

By Keith Jones, November 29, 2012

An Ontario Superior Court judge has ordered Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to vacate the office on December 10 after finding him guilty on conflict of interest charges.

Moody’s downgrades French debt rating, presses for austerity in Europe

By Alex Lantier, November 23, 2012

On November 19, the credit rating agency Moody’s downgraded France’s sovereign debt by one notch from Aaa, the top rating, to Aa1.

A significant report on the global economy

By Nick Beams, November 23, 2012

China and India will not be able to provide the basis for a new period of global growth

Push for pro-market reform after Chinese Communist Party congress

By John Chan, November 23, 2012

International and local business elites are pressing for a new round of economic restructuring in China, especially targeting state enterprises.

Clinton outlines global US economic offensive

By Peter Symonds, November 22, 2012

Obama’s pivot to Asia is part of a comprehensive campaign to maintain US dominance in Asia on every front—diplomatic, economic and strategic.