11 December 2012

UAW provides Obama a platform for his austerity assault on workers

By Jerry White, 11 December 2012

President Obama gave a speech at a suburban Detroit auto factory Monday afternoon, enlisting the support of the United Auto Workers union for his attack on basic social programs.

Italian Prime Minister Monti resigns

By Peter Schwarz, 11 December 2012

Monti resigned for tactical reasons. He is attempting to secure a long-term and stable parliamentary majority for his increasingly unpopular austerity measures.

Croatian war criminals released after appeal by Western military chiefs

By Paul Mitchell, 11 December 2012

The International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia Appeals Court overturned the convictions of Croatian general Ante Gotovina and Assistant Interior Minister Mladen Markac.

Doha climate summit concludes without agreement on emission reductions

By Patrick O’Connor, 11 December 2012

The failure of the conference was anticipated by everyone involved and met with widespread indifference on the part of the international media.

Sri Lanka: Parliamentary panel backs impeachment of chief justice

By K. Ratnayake, 11 December 2012

The rift between the government and the judiciary reflects a hostility among sections of the capitalist elite to the concentration of power in the hands of President Rajapakse.

Irish budget deepens misery for working people

By Jordan Shilton, 11 December 2012

Ireland’s sixth austerity budget in less than five years will intensify the attacks on working people.

The extortionate operations of NML Capital

By Ernst Wolff, 11 December 2012

A New York court ordered Argentina to settle debts totalling $1.33 billion with hedge fund NML Capital by December 15.

WikiLeaks editor denounces mass internet surveillance and US attacks on democratic rights

By Richard Phillips, 11 December 2012

Julian Assange brushes aside provocative questions by CNN television journalist to promote new book on global internet surveillance and mass spying operations.

Obama inauguration to allow unlimited corporate donations

By Andre Damon, 11 December 2012

In a reversal of its 2009 policy, the Obama administration announced Friday that it will put no limits on corporate donations to finance its second inauguration.

Patriot Coal to end mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia

By Clement Daly, 11 December 2012

Patriot Coal has announced it will phase out its mountaintop removal coal mining operations as part of a $440 million settlement with environmental groups.

New in Persian

آتش اعتراضات بر عليه ديكتاتوري اسلامي در سراسر مصر شعله ور شد

8 دسامبر 2012 يوهانس اشترن

اعتراضات تودهاي عليه حكومت اسلام گرا اخوان المسلمين و چنگ اندازي محمد مرسي رئيس جمهور تحت حمايه آمريكا به قدرت مستبدانه، روز گذشته در سراسر مصر شعله ور شد.

راه حركت به جلو در مصر

26 نوامبر 2012 يوهانس اشترن

فرمان قانون اساسي توسط رئيس جمهور مصر، محمد مرسي، طبقهی كارگر را با سوالات اساسي در ارتباط با چشم انداز سياسي مواجه ميكند. طبق اين فرمان، مرسي تمام قدرت مقننه، قانون اساسي، مجريه و قضائي را در دست خود متمركز ميكند.

New in French

Le « mur fiscal » et le démantèlement de Medicare

Par Kate Randall, 11 décembre 2012

L’introduction d’un contrôle des ressources pour Medicare signifie que l'on transforme un programme de santé universel en un programme de pauvreté dont la première étape est de le priver de toute subvention pour aboutir finalement à son démantèlement.

New in Romanian

Alegerile din Japonia sunt prinse în naţionalism şi militarism

De Peter Symonds, 11 decembrie 2012

Campania pentru alegerile din 16 decembrie din Japonia a marcat virajul profund al întregii clase politice înspre naţionalism şi militarism.

New in German

Wahlen in Japan geprägt von Nationalismus und Militarismus

Von Peter Symonds, 11. Dezember 2012

Der Rechtsruck in der japanischen Politik muss der Arbeiterklasse eine Warnung vor den Gefahren sein, die durch den Zusammenbruch des Weltkapitalismus auf sie zukommen,

Italiens Premier Monti tritt zurück

Von Peter Schwarz, 11. Dezember 2012

Montis Rücktritt hat taktische Gründe. Er versucht so, für seine zunehmend unpopuläre Sparpolitik langfristig eine stabile parlamentarische Mehrheit zu schaffen.

Opel-Werk in Bochum wird stillgelegt

Von Dietmar Henning, 11. Dezember 2012

In einer nunmehr seit acht Jahren laufenden Auseinandersetzung haben Opel-Vorstand und Betriebsratschef Einenkel die Belegschaft zermürbt und per Salamitaktik dem endgültigen Aus entgegengeführt.

Pläne für Bankenunion scheitern an innereuropäischen Konflikten

Von Stefan Steinberg, 11. Dezember 2012

Am Dienstag scheiterten die Gespräche zwischen den EU-Finanzministern über die Gründung einer Bankenunion für die Eurozone

Immer mehr Beweise für geplante US-Intervention in Syrien

Von Chris Marsden, 11. Dezember 2012

Die unbewiesenen Anschuldigungen gegen Syrien, es plane den Einsatz von Chemiewaffen, sind ein durchsichtiger Vorwand für einen Angriffskrieg.

Russland beginnt mit dem Bau der Pipeline South Stream

Von Clara Weiss, 11. Dezember 2012

South Stream soll die Monopolstellung der Ukraine als Gastransitland untergraben und sicherstellen, dass die EU ihr Gas weiterhin zu einem großen Teil über Russland bezieht.

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The political economy of the Spanish bank bailout

11 December 2012

The initial measures are widely regarded as the prelude to a full-scale bailout of the Spanish state and the establishment of a financial dictatorship of the kind now in place in Greece.

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Arts Review

BrubeckJazz musician Dave Brubeck dies at 91

By Hiram Lee, 10 December 2012

A significant figure in postwar American culture, Brubeck's classic 1959 album Time Out sold a million copies, the first jazz album to hold that distinction.

Elliott Carter (1908-2012) and the crisis of contemporary music

By Fred Mazelis, 6 December 2012

American composer Elliott Carter reflected the trajectory of Western classical music in the past century.

Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln and the historical drama of the Civil War

By Tom Mackaman, 12 November 2012

Auto Workers Struggles

Defend auto workers victimised by Maruti Suzuki and Indian authorities

By the World Socialist Web Site, 6 December 2012

Behind the UAW’s “support” for the Maruti Suzuki workers

By Jerry White, 5 December 2012

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25 years ago: GM permanently shuts down first sit-down strike plant

The plant where the great Flint sit-down strike of 1936-37 began was permanently shut down on December 10, 1987.

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50 years ago: Mariner 2 transmits from Venus

On December 14, 1962, the NASA probe Mariner 2 became the first spacecraft to transmit from another planet back to Earth.

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75 years ago: Tensions exacerbated by Japanese sinking of USS Panay

The American river gunboat the USS Panay was sunk by Japanese bombers in China on the Yangtze river on December 12, 1937.

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100 years ago: Peace talks on Balkan War commence in London

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KingNow available from Mehring Books: Russian Revolutionary Posters by David King

29 November 2012

Mehring Books is proud to offer for sale a new book, Russian Revolutionary Posters: From Civil War to Socialist Realism, From Bolshevism to the End of Stalinism by David King (Tate Publishing).