19 December 2012

Washington raises specter of al Qaeda seizing Syrian chemical weapons

By Bill Van Auken, 19 December 2012

Having first issued threats against the Syrian regime over unspecified intelligence on its chemical weapons, Washington is now warning that these arms may fall into the hands of the “rebels.”

German parliament votes to station Patriot missiles on Syrian border

By Ulrich Rippert, 19 December 2012

The parliamentary resolution is a prelude to military intervention in Syria.

Tunisian UGTT union calls off one-day national strike against Islamists

By Antoine Lerougetal and Alex Lantier, 19 December 2012

At the last minute, the UGTT union called off a one-day national strike called against the assault by Islamist thugs of UGTT members.

Killings highlight epidemic of police violence in US

By Tom Carter, 19 December 2012

Largely hidden from public view, police kill an average of between one and two people in America every day.

Notes on the social crisis in America

By Naomi Spencer, 19 December 2012

A California family commits suicide, police use pepper spray on housing assistance seekers in Ohio, and a West Virginia newspaper features a "neediest cases" contest.

Chicago diverts taxes to investors, plans privatization of services

By Alexander Fangmann, 19 December 2012

Two recent reports reveal the extent of redistribution of city tax revenues to corporate interests while cuts to services deepen.

Private consultants reap rewards from UK National Health Service privatisation

By Richard Duckworth, 19 December 2012

Private consultancy firms have been central to the coalition government's plans to carve up the National Health Service.

Australia boosts links with Sri Lankan regime

By Mike Head, 19 December 2012

The Australian foreign minister announced closer military cooperation in preventing refugees fleeing Sri Lanka and exercising their right to seek asylum.

New Zealand earthquake report whitewashes government’s role

By John Braddock, 19 December 2012

The collapse of the television (CTV) building during the Christchurch earthquake of February 2011 cost the lives of 115 people.

Fierce clashes follow elections in Georgia

By Clara Weiss, 19 December 2012

Conflicts inside the ruling class have intensified after October 1 parliamentary elections.

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Oroarea din Newtown

Din partea redacţiei, 19 decembrie 2012

Dincolo de motivaţiile individuale ale criminalului, împuşcăturile din Newtown scot în evidenţă brutalitatea care străbate societatea americană.

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La pseudo-gauche australienne soutient l’intervention impérialiste en Syrie

Par Patrick O’Connor et Nick Beams, 19 décembre 2012

Le tournant manifeste vers le camp impérialiste effectué par Socialist Alternative est lié aux nouvelles exigences politiques du gouvernement travailliste.

New in German

Die WSWS benötigt Eure Unterstützung

Von Ulrich Rippert, 13. Dezember 2012

Um ihre Arbeit aufrecht erhalten und weiter ausbauen zu können, benötigt die WSWS dringend umfangreiche Spenden und vor allem regelmäßige Spender.

Die bleibende Bedeutung von Leben und Werk des Genossen Keerthi Balasuriya

Internationales Komitee der Vierten Internationale
19. Dezember 2012

Das Internationale Komitee der Vierten Internationale und die World Socialist Web Site gedenken des vor 25 Jahren verstorbenen Genossen Keerthi Balasuriya, des Generalsekretärs der Revolutionary Communist League, Vorläufer der heutigen Socialist Equality Party in Sri Lanka.

Milliarden-Sparprogramm bei ThyssenKrupp

Von Elisabeth Zimmermann und Dietmar Henning, 19. Dezember 2012

Die weltweit über 150.000 Arbeiter des ThyssenKrupp-Konzerns müssen sich auf massive Angriffe auf ihre Arbeitsplätze, Löhne und Arbeitsbedingungen einstellen.

Bericht an den zweiten Nationalen Parteitag der Socialist Equality Party

Von David North, 19. Dezember 2012

Mit dem hier veröffentlichten Bericht eröffnete David North, der Vorsitzende der Socialist Equality Party in den USA, am 8. Juli 2012 deren zweiten Nationalen Parteitag.

Tsar to Lenin erstmals in Berlin gezeigt

Von Elisabeth Zimmermann, 19. Dezember 2012

David North, Chefredakteur der World Socialist Web Site, erläuterte Herman Axelbanks Film, der die Oktoberrevolution von 1917 auf einzigartige Weise dokumentiert.

Im Gedenken an Keerthi Balasuriya

Von David North, 19. Dezember 2012

Dieser Artikel wurde zuerst am 18. und 19. Dezember 2007 in zwei Teilen auf der WSWS gepostet.

Wahlsieg der rechten LDP

Von Peter Symonds, 19. Dezember 2012

Das Wahlergebnis war kein Sieg für die LDP, sondern eine eindeutige Abstrafung der amtierenden DPJ.

"Progressive" stellen sich hinter Demokraten

Von Ben McGrath, 19. Dezember 2012

Im Wahlkampf um Präsidentschaft in Südkorea am 19. September haben sich selbsternannte progressive und "linke" Organisationen hinter den wichtigsten bürgerlichen Oppositionskandidaten, Moon Jae-in von der Vereinigten Demokratischen Parte (DUP) gestellt.

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New Japanese government marks dangerous turn to militarism

19 December 2012

The right-wing nationalism that pervaded the election campaign signals the determination of the Japanese ruling class to reassert its interests by every means, including military force.

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Germany’s Left Party and the closure of GM-Opel’s Bochum plant

By Dietmar Henning, 19 December 2012

The closure of the GM Opel plant in Bochum is the first such auto plant closure in Germany since 1949.

Times prescription for “When the Doctor Is Not Needed”

By Kate Randall, 19 December 2012

In the latest installment of its editorial campaign for sweeping cuts in health care, the Times promotes patient “self care” and “community aides” as substitutes for doctors.

Media, politicians obscure social roots of Connecticut shooting

By Joseph Kishore, 18 December 2012

Horror in Newtown

By the editorial board, 17 December 2012

Socialist Equality Party

The enduring significance of the life and work of Comrade Keerthi Balasuriya

18 December 2012

The International Committee of the Fourth International and the World Socialist Web Site today mark 25 years since the death of Comrade Keerthi Balasuriya, the general secretary of the Revolutionary Communist League, forerunner of the Socialist Equality Party of Sri Lanka

In Memory of Keerthi Balasuriya

By David North, 18 December 2012

This article was originally posted on the WSWS in two parts on December 18-19, 2007.

Sri Lankan SEP marks 25th anniversary of Keerthi Balasuriya’s death

By our correspondent, 19 December 2012

SEP members and supporters attended the memorial ceremony in the Colombo General Cemetery.

Arts Review

“Andrew Marr’s History of the World”: A slur against revolution

By Thomas Scripps, 19 December 2012

Media slurs against socialism are commonplace, but rarely are they as pointed and mired in historical distortions as those advanced in the recent BBC series.

The Life of Pi: In a lifeboat alone with a tiger

By David Walsh, 15 December 2012


Stone tools and the evolution of modern human cognition

By Philip Guelpa, 18 December 2012

Auto Workers Struggles

India: Thousands join convention and protest to defend victimised Maruti Suzuki workers

By Arun Kumar, 15 December 2012

WarrenDetroit area auto workers speak on passage of Michigan right-to-work law

By a WSWS reporting team, 15 December 2012

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25 years ago: Wall Street insider trader sentenced to prison

Ivan Boesky, 50 years old and one of Wall Street's most successful speculators, was sentenced to three years in prison on December 18, 1987.

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50 years ago: Juan Bosch elected president of the Dominican Republic

The first free elections in the history of the Dominican Republic, held December 20, 1962, resulted in the election of the left bourgeois nationalist Juan Bosch.

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75 years ago: “Rape of Nanking” by Japanese army horrifies world opinion

The first reports of the mass slaughter of Chinese residents of the city of Nanking by invading Japanese forces reached the world December 18, 1937.

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100 years ago: Fake Piltdown man unveiled

On December 18, 1912, one of the most notorious of scientific hoaxes began.

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